Sunday AM Classes

Classes on Sunday Morning, September 21, 2014

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beaded eleganceSUNAM1 – BEADED ELEGANCE

Teacher: Sherry Briscoe, Reidsville, NC
Sunday, 8 am-12 noon.  Festival opens at 9 am, but doors will open early for these students.
Cost:  $45 + $5 MSGS registration fee
All skill levels.  Ages:  15 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  2/12

In this class, students will apply Alcohol Inks to their gourd, and will then apply a coat of glaze/varnish to protect the finish.  They will add a beaded border around the top of the gourd, using a selection of different colors and shapes of beads.  There will be a discussion of various methods of finishing off the inside of the gourd to complete the project.

Students must bring:  an apron/smock to protect their clothing and a heat gun or hair dryer.  NOTE: The inks will stain clothing and are difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

Instructor will supply: all other supplies needed to complete the project, including a cleaned/cut/drilled/sanded gourd; alcohol inks and beads in a variety of coordinating colors; alcohol wipes; waxed linen and/or beading thread; beading needles; vinyl gloves; glaze/varnish; sponges; and a tutorial with a full color photo of the finished project in a plastic sleeve.



Teacher: Georgie Foster, Hattiesburg, MS
Sunday, 9 am-12 noon.  Cost:  $35 + $5 MSGS registration fee
Project Size:  medium cannonball gourd
Skill level:  Intermediate.  All ages.
Min/Max # of Students:  1/6

In this class, students will learn how to do stroke and lacework on a round gourd. Students should leave with a completed project.

Students must bring: a smile and willingness to learn

Instructor will supply: everything needed to do the project.


Carol cross2b


Teacher: Carol Maddox, Bossier City, LA
Sunday, 9 am-12 noon.  Cost:  $25 + $5 MSGS registration fee
Project size: 6” w x 13” h
All skill levels.  Ages:  14 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  3/10

In this class, a beautiful cross will be created using gourd pieces, lacing, and eggshells. Students will leave with a completed project.

Students must bring: apron to protect clothing.

Instructor will supply: all gourd pieces and products needed to complete project. A tutorial will be included.



Teacher: Helen Looman, Yazoo City, MS
Sunday, 9 am-12 noon.  Cost:  $30 + $5 MSGS registration fee.
Project size:  5-6” wide x 5-6” high.
All skill levels.  Ages:  15 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  3/10

Students will learn to transfer pattern to gourd, woodburn outlines, do inside faux tooling in small areas, i.e., bird feathers & flower petals, how to draw outside border to fit pattern and how to stipple SOLID background instead of random stippling. Students may not leave with a finished project, but will have knowledge of how to finish at home.

Student must bring:  adjustable temperature woodburner with favorite skew tip, writing tip and shader, and a happy smile with desire to learn leather tooling.

Instructor will supply:  cleaned cannonball gourd, detailed tutorial with drawings and supplies needed to transfer pattern & draw outside borders.


Angie gourd armour picSUNAM5 – GOURD ARMOUR (tin foil on a gourd) 

Angie Kilby, Georgetown, KY
Sunday, 9 am-12 noon.  Cost:  $35 + $5 MSGS registration fee
All skill levels.  All ages.
Min/Max # of students:  3/12

Note:  Photo is a sample only.  Each student’s gourd will be different.

In this class, you will glue items to a gourd to add dimension.  Then after designing your pattern, you will place aluminum foil over the design and paint it.  The technique used will make it look like hammered metal.

Student must bring:  anything to create dimension under the foil (steampunk, conchos, etc.)

Instructor will supply:  cut and cleaned gourd, handout, some dimensional items, glue, aluminum foil, Exacto knives, and paint.