Saturday PM Classes

Classes on Saturday Afternoon, September 20, 2014

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pine coiled rim

Class Project

martha inspiration coiling

Inspiration Piece


Teacher: Martha Ertle, Bentonia, MS
Sat., 1-5 pm.  Cost:  $45 + $5 MSGS registration fee.
Project size: 7-8” w x 5-6” h
All skill levels.  Ages:  15 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  3/12

This pine needle rim consists of three to five coils.  Students will learn placement of holes and techniques to hide the holes.  Teacher will demonstrate adding nut slices and other rim embellishments, which will help students with other rim treatments.  Teacher will also demonstrate sealing the coiled rim with shellac.  Due to time limits, shellac will not be used on class project; rim may be sprayed in class with an acrylic sealer.  Books, pine needles, gauges, sinew, etc. will be available for purchase at end of class.  Student may not leave with a finished project, but will have the necessary instruction to finish it at home.

martha inspir coiling plus beads

Inspiration Piece

Note:  Two inspiration pieces are pictured, in addition to the class project.  The one in the upper right is a work in progress, showing how Martha added a scalloped base which incorporates black walnut slices.  The unfinished rim shows the copper gauge in use.  The other picture shows bead dangles below the coiled rim.  Learn the coiling technique and run with it!  

Student must bring:  smile and willingness to learn.  May bring own thimble, if you wish.

Instructor will supply:  dyed and sealed gourd bowl prepared for coiling, pine needles, tutorial, and all class supplies, including take-home copper gauge and needle.


diff weave 2 croppedCarol green weavingSPM2 – A DIFFERENT WEAVE

Teacher: Carol Maddox, Bossier City, LA
Sat., 1-5 pm.  Cost:  $40 + $5 MSGS registration fee
Project size: 6” w x 8” h
All skill levels.  Ages:  15 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  3/10

This is a teneriffe-style weaving over an opening in the gourd using waxed linen for spokes instead of reed.  Students will choose from a variety of dyes, waxed linen, and yarns.  Students will probably not finish in class, but will learn how to finish the project at home.  Note:  The green gourd to the right was painted with acrylic paint and beads were added to the weaving.  Beads are not included in the class, but you may bring some beads to add to your weaving.

Student must bring:  apron, scissors and small needle-nose pliers.

Instructor will supply:  prepared gourd, tutorial, dyes, waxed linen, yarns and all supplies needed to finish project.


Angie PhotoGrid feather and filigree picSPM3 – FILIGREE AND FEATHER CARVING

Teacher:  Angie Kilby, Georgetown, KY
Sat., 1-5 pm.  Cost:  $40 + $5 MSGS registration fee
All skill levels.  Ages: 16 and up.
Min/Max # of students:  3/12

Note:  This class will be held outdoors in a covered area, due to the dust and noise.

In this class, you’ll learn how to design and carve a section of filigree into the gourd surface.  You’ll also learn how to carve a feather into the gourd surface.  You’ll try different carving methods and burrs and should complete at least one section in class.  Instructor will demonstrate woodburning to add details to the carved feather.  If students finish carving and time permits, they may add the woodburned details.

Student must bring:  Dremel or carver; a thick-shelled gourd bowl, at least 1/4″ thick and cleaned inside and outside; any carving burrs you have on hand; riffler files; dust mask and apron. Will be using Dremel 9935-structured tooth tungsten carbide cutter (round sphere), Dremel high speed cutter wheel-DRE199, and Dremel 116-1/4 inch wood cutting bit (flared cylinder).  Riffler files can be found at Harbor Freight.  See pictures below of the files and cutters.  Sanding sticks are helpful, but not necessary.  Bring adjustable-temperature woodburner and pens, if you wish.

Instructor will supply:  special 10-point drill bit for filigree (included in class fee) and instructional handout.  She will have some bits and rifflers for sale.

For further info, feel free to email Angie.

116 flared cylinder 9935 structured tooth Dremel 199 wheel riffler files






helen hummer class



Teacher: Helen Looman, Yazoo City, MS
Sat., 1-4 pm.  Cost:  $30 + $5 MSGS registration fee.
Project size:  5-6” wide x 5-6” high.
All skill levels.  Ages:  15 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  3/10

Students will learn to transfer pattern to gourd, woodburn outlines, do inside faux tooling in small areas, i.e., bird feathers & flower petals, how to draw outside border to fit pattern and how to stipple SOLID background instead of random stippling. Students may not leave with a finished project, but will have knowledge of how to finish at home.

Student must bring:  adjustable temperature woodburner with favorite skew tip, writing tip and shader, and a happy smile with desire to learn leather tooling.

Instructor will supply:  cleaned cannonball gourd, detailed tutorial with drawings and supplies needed to transfer pattern & draw outside borders.


St. Nick in white crop2


Teacher: Georgie Foster, Hattiesburg, MS
Saturday, 1-5 pm.  Cost: $40 + $5 MSGS registration fee.
Project size:  6” w x 11” h
All skill levels.  All ages.
Min/Max # of Students:  1/6

Students will learn facial features, beard shading, and highlighting folds while painting a St. Nick on a gourd. Students will leave class with a finished project.

Student must bring: apron or paint shirt, willingness to learn and have a good time

Instructor will supply: gourd and all supplies necessary to complete this project.