Saturday AM Classes

Classes on Saturday Morning, September 20, 2014

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Teacher: Sherry Briscoe, Reidsville, NC
Sat., 8 am-12 noon.  Festival opens at 9 am, but doors will open early for these students.
Cost: $45 + $5 MSGS registration fee.
Project size: 6-8” tall.
All skill levels. Ages: 15 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  2/12

In this class, students will condition their gourds with Formula 49 and then color the background with GourdMaster (GM) Ink Dyes using sponging and brushing techniques to achieve a lovely mottled background.  They will then learn how to use QuikWood and 5-in-1 Clay Tools to shape and attach poppy flowers and leaves to the gourds.  Once they have completed the sculpting, they will use transparent acrylics and gourd paint to bring the poppies and leaves to life.  Students should leave this class with a completed project.

Student must bring:  An apron/smock to protect their clothing and a heat gun (NOT hair dryer), if possible.

Instructor will supply:  all other supplies needed to complete the project, including a cleaned/sanded gourd; GM Formula 49, Ink Dyes, Transparent Acrylics, and Sealer; QuikWood; 5-in-1 Clay Tools; brushes, sponges, water basins; paper towels; tutorial with color photo of finished project in a plastic sheet clover; vinyl gloves; and heat guns for those students who don’t have one.


087 Cecil tools photoSAM2 – POWER TOOLS—WHICH, WHAT, WHY, & HOW?

Teacher: On Friday – Cecil Walley, Sebring, FL.
Teacher on Saturday – Cindy Dees
Sat., 9 am-12 noon.  Cost: $25 + $5 MSGS registration fee.
All skill levels.  Ages:  Minors must be accompanied by an adult Min/Max # of Students:  5/10

Which burr do I use?  What burr is that?  Why do I use it?  How do I use it?  What do I need for filigree?  Why do my blades break?  Which burner tip do I need?  These are some of the common questions Cecil and Cindy are asked.  They’ll answer those questions and many more in this class.  Cecil or Cindy will demonstrate the proper use and maintenance of power carvers, woodburners, saws, and the equipment used with each.  They will demonstrate the correct usage of kutzalls, carbide burrs, diamond burrs, ruby burrs and others.  Learn to improvise with what you have for a project, rather than asking yourself, “What do I have to buy?”  The goal of this class is to empower you to use your power tools with confidence and safety.  Students will have the opportunity to try out different burrs and see how they perform on a gourd.  Several sample power tools will be available for supervised, shared class use.

Student must bring:  power carver or Dremel (if you have one), all your burrs, woodburner and tips (if you have them), saw and blades (if you have a saw), scrap gourd or gourd pieces for practice, and shop apron and dust mask, if you wish.

Instructor will supply:  a few power tools (carvers, woodburners, and saws) and some burrs and woodburning tips to try in class; informational handouts.

A note from Cecil:  Cindy has been helping me at gourds shows for the past three years and has had a lot of time with me, as well as being a gourder.  She has had several classes and understands the tools as well as I do.  Cindy has lots of experience with usage of all the tools and what does what.  She’ll do a superb job teaching. 


gourding with gold leafCarol gold leaf 2SAM3 – GOURDING WITH GOLD LEAF

Teacher: Carol Maddox, Bossier City, LA
Sat., 9 am-12 noon.  Cost: $35 + $5 MSGS registration fee.
All skill levels.  Ages:  14 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  3/10

In this class, student will decorate a prepared gourd with three different types of gold leaf.  Student will have a choice of dye colors for their gourd.  Student will leave with a completed project.

Student must bring:  apron.

Instructor will supply:  prepared gourd, tutorial, and all supplies needed for completion of the project.


Angie luminary

Luminaries Class Project.

Angie lamp pic

For inspiration: one of Angie’s luminaries with a different lamp base and cord.

Can add name to waiting list.

Teacher:  Angie Kilby, Georgetown, KY
Sat., 9 am-12 noon.  Cost:  $40 + $5 MSGS registration fee
Project approx. 8” w x 10” h
All skill levels.  Ages: 14 and up
Min/Max # of students: 3/12

In this class, you will drill holes to accentuate your design and insert Turkish beads into the drilled holes.  This class is easy and fun!  Bring a creative attitude!

Student must bring:  drill, drill bits ranging from 5/32” to 1/2”.  It is important to have 5/32”, 7/32” and 5/16” drill bits.

Instructor will supply:  cleaned and cut gourd, beads, light base and cord.  (Angie’s luminary pictured to the right of her class description is shown for inspiration.  Loads of possibilities!  The lamp base and cord shown on it differs from the type provided for the class.) 


Carved filigree vines


Note:  Design on left side of gourd in picture is the design that will be taught in class.  This class will be held outdoors in a covered area, due to the dust and noise.

Teacher: Renee King, Hattiesburg, MS
Sat., 9 am-12 noon.  Cost:  $30 + $5 MSGS registration fee
All skill levels.  Ages:  14 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  3/10

In this class, the teacher will share with you the characteristics of different carving burrs and how you can make a carved gourd of your own design.  You will be able to take this knowledge with you and make different designs, shapes and carvings.  Students will be taught one of the pictured designs in class.  Other designs will be in the tutorial.  Students may leave class with a finished project, or have the option of continuing their project at home with the additional designs included in the tutorial.

Student must bring:  a kettle gourd, 8-9” tall and about 8-9” wide–opened at the top and cleaned out; Dremel tool (or any brand of handheld rotary carving tool); a 3/32” collet and 1/8” collet; face mask for dust protection, and an apron or large shirt to cover your clothing.

Instructor will supply:  all burrs needed for the carving (students may purchase burrs after class), carbon paper, gloves, cotton balls, several colors of leather dye to color your gourd, spray sealer, and a tutorial with multiple designs.