Mississippi Gourd Festival, 2017

The 8th Annual Mississippi Gourd Festival ended on September 16, 2017.  A big THANK YOU to all who made the festival a success!  

Thank you to the folks that demonstrated at the festival.  That adds so much to our event.  These are the free demonstrations that were held:  Woodburning and Colored Pencils, Katie Westmoreland, AL;
Cleaning, Drilling & Cutting Gourds, Emmitt Westmoreland, AL; Decoupaging with Paper Napkins, Sarah Kemp, LA; Making Martin Gourds, John Lawrence Butler, MS; Sawing Gourds, Mike Thompson, MS; Fretwork Carving w/Steel Carving Bit, Leah Reed, Epping, NH; Grip-All Jaws Tool, Susan Byra, MS; and Coiled Pine Needle Rim, Sarah Kemp, LA

Click this link to see the vendors that were at the 2017 festival:  UPDATED LIST OF VENDORS FOR 2017 MISSISSIPPI GOURD FESTIVAL  We missed Dr. John Jackson.  He was not well enough to attend the festival.  We hope he is feeling much better.  The effects of Hurricane Irma made some changes in our vendors.  Regretfully, our tool supplier, Cecil Walley of Sebring, Florida, was unable to vend at our festival.  We surely missed him.  Leah and Barry Reed of Blue Whale Arts, Epping, New Hampshire, were headed to an event in Florida and it was cancelled due to the hurricane.  Thankfully they were able to re-route and vend at our festival.  We were very happy to have them and their extensive line of supplies.Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are dealing with the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma.