Letter from the 2014 Show Chair

I wanted to update everyone on the current activities regarding our upcoming 5th Annual Mississippi Gourd Festival.   We have had several successful planning meetings and everyone is hard at work on their assignments.

Mike and Michelle Thompson have a great lineup of vendors from 6 states.  These vendors are like the rest of us gourdheads and have attended various gourd festivals learning new and exciting ways to craft gourds.  We don’t know what all styles and techniques that they will have for sale, but we are certain there will be something that is new to us.

Susan Byra and Michelle Thompson have lined up some awesome teachers.  Susan reports that we have a good many people that have signed up for classes and, as time grows near the festival, we could have some classes filled with no room for more students.  I encourage you to take a look at the available classes and reserve your spot ASAP.

Susan is also our television spokesperson.  She will be promoting our festival on several television stations.  (See calendar.)

Nicky Blakeney is lining up some of our teachers and vendors to do demonstrations during the festival.  See some of these demonstrations to answer the most asked question at the festival, “HOW DID THEY DO THAT?”

Sheila Stocks has again taken on the tremendous task of lining up volunteers.  There are many spots to fill.  If you are reading this, I hope you will become involved and contact us to help volunteer and enjoy being a part of the festival.

Fred Wood has been great as my co-chair, willing to take on any task at hand.  Fred is in charge of food arrangements for our festival.  The Smith County 4-H will be providing a variety of specialty menu items, in addition to the standard fare of burgers and fries.

I have personally talked to many members and vendors and they express excitement about our upcoming festival.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Paul Grubbs, 2014 Show Chair