Friday Classes

Friday Classes, September 19, 2014

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Angie gourd armour picBONUS CLASS!  FRIDAY MORNING

FAM1–GOURD ARMOUR (tin foil on a gourd) 

Angie Kilby, Georgetown, KY
Friday, 9 am-12 noon.  Cost:  $35 + $5 MSGS registration fee
All skill levels.  All ages.
Min/Max # of students:  3/12

Note:  Photo is a sample only.  Each student’s gourd will be different.

In this class, you will glue items to a gourd to add dimension.  Then after designing your pattern, you will place aluminum foil over the design and paint it.  The technique used will make it look like hammered metal.

Student must bring:  anything to create dimension under the foil (steampunk, conchos, etc.)

Instructor will supply:  cut and cleaned gourd, handout, some dimensional items, glue, aluminum foil, Exacto knives, and paint.


 it's gourd timeF1 – IT’S GOURD TIME!

Teacher:  Sherry Briscoe, Reidsville, NC
Friday, 1-5 pm.  Cost: $45 + $5 MSGS registration fee.
Project size: 6-8” diameter.
Skill Level: Intermediate.  Ages:  15 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  2/12

In this class, students will basecoat their gourd with GourdMaster (GM) Ink Dye; transfer their design to the prepared gourd; burn the design with a woodburner; and color the leaves and numerals using GM Ink Dyes and/or Transparent Acrylics, learning how to blend the colors.  When they have completed the design, they will heat-set the colors and seal the clock face with GM Varnish.  The last step will be to assemble the clock works on the gourd and install a hanger. Most students will leave with a finished project.  Those who don’t finish will have adequate instructions to complete at home.

Student must bring:  an adjustable-temperature woodburner and must be familiar with its operation, an apron/smock to protect their clothing, and a heat gun (NOT hair dryer), if possible.

Instructor will supply: all other supplies needed for the class–including a cleaned/cut/sanded gourd; clock works; hanger; GM Ink Dyes, Transparent Acrylics, and Varnish; permanent pens, Press ‘n Seal; transfer paper; scissors; brushes; sponges; water basins; paper towels; palettes; tutorial with color photo of complete project in a plastic sheet cover along with various leaf patterns; and a heat gun for those who may not have one.


helen hummer classF2 – “LEATHER-TOOLED” HUMMINGBIRD

Teacher: Helen Looman, Yazoo City, MS
Friday, 1-4 pm.  Cost:  $30 + $5 MSGS registration fee.
Project size:  5-6” wide x 5-6” high.
All skill levels.  Ages:  15 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  3/10

Students will learn to transfer pattern to gourd, woodburn outlines, do inside faux tooling in small areas, i.e., bird feathers & flower petals, how to draw outside border to fit pattern and how to stipple SOLID background instead of random stippling. Students may not leave with a finished project, but will have knowledge of how to finish at home.

Student must bring:  adjustable temperature woodburner with favorite skew tip, writing tip and shader, and a happy smile with desire to learn leather tooling.

Instructor will supply:  cleaned cannonball gourd, detailed tutorial with drawings and supplies needed to transfer pattern & draw outside borders.


087 Cecil tools photoF3 – POWER TOOLS—WHICH, WHAT, WHY, & HOW?

Teacher on Friday – Cecil Walley, Sebring, FL.
Teacher on Saturday – Cindy Dees
Friday, 1-4 pm.  Cost: $25 + $5 MSGS registration fee.
All skill levels.  Ages:  Minors must be accompanied by an adult Min/Max # of Students:  5/10

Which burr do I use?  What burr is that?  Why do I use it?  How do I use it?  What do I need for filigree?  Why do my blades break?  Which burner tip do I need?  These are some of the common questions Cecil and Cindy are asked.  They’ll answer those questions and many more in this class.  Cecil or Cindy will demonstrate the proper use and maintenance of power carvers, woodburners, saws, and the equipment used with each.  They will demonstrate the correct usage of kutzalls, carbide burrs, diamond burrs, ruby burrs and others.  Learn to improvise with what you have for a project, rather than asking yourself, “What do I have to buy?”  The goal of this class is to empower you to use your power tools with confidence and safety.  Students will have the opportunity to try out different burrs and see how they perform on a gourd.  Several sample power tools will be available for supervised, shared class use.

Student must bring:  power carver or Dremel (if you have one), all your burrs, woodburner and tips (if you have them), saw and blades (if you have a saw), scrap gourd or gourd pieces for practice, and shop apron and dust mask, if you wish.

Instructor will supply:  a few power tools (carvers, woodburners, and saws) and some burrs and woodburning tips to try in class; informational handouts.

A note from Cecil:  Cindy has been helping me at gourds shows for the past three years and has had a lot of time with me, as well as being a gourder.  She has had several classes and understands the tools as well as I do.  Cindy has lots of experience with usage of all the tools and what does what.  She’ll do a superb job teaching. 


Angie power carving picF4 – POWER CARVING CLASS

Teacher:  Angie Kilby, Georgetown, KY
Friday 1-5 pm.  Cost: $45 + $5 MSGS registration fee.
All skill levels.  Ages:  16 and up.
Min/Max # of Students:  3/12

Note:  This class will be held outdoors in a covered area, due to the dust and noise.

This class is perfect for those who want to learn how to get more out of a Dremel or other rotary tool.  Bring any carving bits you have.  Instructor will go through them with you and educate you on their uses.  This is especially helpful for beginning carvers.  In this class, you’ll learn about using your carver to form sand ripples, basic relief carving, and carving for inlay.

Student must bring:  dust mask, apron, carver or Dremel and any carving bits you have. Will be using Dremel 9935-structured tooth tungsten carbide cutter (round sphere), Dremel high speed cutter wheel-DRE199, and Dremel 116-1/4 inch wood cutting bit (flared cylinder).

Instructor will supply:  handout; thick-shelled, cleaned and cut gourd.  Instructor will have carving bits available for purchase.

For further info, feel free to email Angie.