Demonstrations Schedule

IMG_1837 John Martin demo

John Martin

We had some great demonstrations at the 2015 Mississippi Gourd Festival!  Look below to see our schedule.  Thank you to all the demonstrators!  Watch for photos to be added.

Schedule of Free Demonstrations for September 18-19, 2015, at the Mississippi Gourd Festival


Cecil Walley will be doing demos of the use of tools and accessories at his booth.

Pearl River Woodcarvers will be doing carving demos on gourds and wood at their table.


10:30  Mike Thompson:  Gourd Sawing 101

11:30  Nicky Blakeney:  Heat-Activated Glue

12:00  LUNCH

01:30  Becky Cox-Rodgers:  Colored Pencils on Gourds

2:30    Sarah Kemp:  Pine Needle Rim on Gourd

3:30    Ernie Migues:  Using an Oscillating Saw to Cut a Thunder Gourd


09:30  Emmitt Westmoreland:  Cleaning, Cutting, Sanding and Drilling Gourds

10:30  Susan Byra:  Grip-All Jaws (to hold gourds while working)

11:30  Georgie Foster:  Textured Painting

12:00  LUNCH

1:30    Mike Thompson:  Dyeing Gourds with Leather Dye

2:30    John Martin:  Gourds are Musical Instruments

3:30    Becky Cox-Rodgers:  Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Inks