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General Info on Classes

Classes at the 2015 Mississippi Gourd Festival are over.  They were held at the Smith County Ag Complex in Raleigh, MS, on Friday and Saturday, September 18-19, 2015.  If you are interested in a particular class or type of class in the future, please notify me.

A big thank you to the students that came to take classes and support the Festival!   Students, if you didn’t turn in a class evaluation sheet, I would like to hear from you.  We need to know what you liked, didn’t like, and what can be improved.  Your feedback is important.  Our goal is to have happy students and happy teachers!

With many thanks, Michelle

Contact Info:

Michelle Thompson, 2015 Show Chair, 601-782-9444,

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Carol Maddox Shares Her Gourdcrafting Kit

When I am off to take gourd classes, what do I need?  I would like to share my gourdcrafting kit with you: 

  • Heat gun. 
  • Extension cord. 
  • Paper towels.  Antibacterial wipes. 
  • Pencil and paper.  Small piece of Magic Eraser. 
  • Several old brushes. 
  • Pair of rubber gloves.  Apron.  Face mask. 
  • Small pliers and small needle-nosed pliers.  Small wire cutters. 
  • Exacto knife and hole punch.  Scissors. 

I am sure I have forgotten something.  Happy crafting! 

Carol Maddox–MSGS Member and Mississippi Gourd Festival Vendor and Instructor, Bossier City, LA

Thanks, Carol, for the list!  It’s a great list to use when packing a tool bag for class.  Folks, you don’t have to bring all these items, but many of them surely come in handy in classes!  Michelle Thompson