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Psi Chapter of the American Gourd Society

The objectives of the Mississippi Gourd Society are to promote the culture and crafting of gourds, to provide informational and educational services to its members, to have all members involved in the promotion of gourds and gourd crafting, and to provide an annual  show for the promotion of gourds, gourd crafting, the sharing of ideas, and  general fellowship with other members.  We hope you’ll  join us in this effort, both here in  Mississippi and in other areas of the country.  We’re all gourdheads, no matter where we are!

Mississippi Gourd Society is a non-profit organization.

The 8th Annual Mississippi Gourd Festival will be held on Friday and Saturday, September 15 and 16, 2017, at the Smith County Ag Complex in Raleigh, MS.   Message from Susan Byra, MSGS President:   “We have lost several of our core group through sickness, death, and various other reasons.  We have already had to cut back the last couple of years on what we do at the show, simply because there are not enough warm bodies to go around to do everything.  We need people who will stand by their word and do what needs to be done.  If you enjoy our show, if you want to see it continue, then step up and help!  While there are some big jobs to be done (show chair, classes chair, volunteer chair, etc.) that require a good amount of time, there are a lot that don’t.  And we can get very specific about what we want done so that you can give as little as a couple of hours at the show to help out.  Of course, if you want to give more, we’ll welcome you with open arms.  All we ask is that you stand by your commitment to help us put on the best show we can.  We can’t do it without you, so don’t let a good thing die.  Volunteer today, we’ll use you, believe me!”

See the pages under the Resources tab for info on where to buy gourds and supplies.